Foundry Technology

The manufacturing of products and accessories for the sampling of liquid metals. Patented Double-Chamber Thermoanalysis AccuVo-Cup®, open thermoanalysis sensors, ceramic sampling spoons, contact units, Stands and temperature measuring probes. Thermoanalysis software, process data analysis, consultancy.

Glass-breaking technology

Manufacturing of sections from glass tubes and glass sticks for the light-source industry, laboratory equipment, the manufacturing of thermometers, for medical and other applications.

Special machine construction

Development of sampling, production and test facilities to series production/start of production by the customer.

Realization of modifications, conversions and modernization of existing plants relying on robotics and kinematics in combination with state-of-the-art control- and data-analysis technology.


Renewable raw materials and natural fibers

Consultancy, cultivation and utilization of renewable raw materials (Miscanthus, SIDA, KUP). Development and construction of machines for the material preparation and processing of renewable resources. Supply of fiber and pulp fractions from renewable raw materials for material use (packaging, injection molding, building material), national and international research projects.


Project-related contract work, modernization of measuring systems, data pooling and data analysis, education and training, lecturing at universities, applications for and implementation of research projects.