Temperature Measurement

To measure the temperature in molten metals, two contacting measuring devices are used (one-way, permanent), with the measuring technology being the same, as generally the thermoelectric voltage of the thermocouples is used as input signal. Highly developed, precision analog-digital converters with point-of-comparison compensation are integrated in our measuring devices. For one-way measuring tips we offer portable devices, optionally with radio transmission or as cable-connected temperature measuring lances. The data can be displayed on large displays and/or be directly forwarded to existing BDE/database-systems, with common protocols like Modbus Profibus, EtherNet/IP, etc. and database formats being supported. We offer, for exchange, contact heads (50 and 100 mm), lance internal leads (also mineral high-temperature insulation), thermoelectric leads and compensation leads as well as their installation and electrical calibration. For contactless or contact temperature measurements we established co-operations with competent partners and institutions.

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