Temperature Measurement

To measure the temperature in molten metals, two contacting measuring devices are used (one-way, permanent), with the measuring technology being the same, as generally the thermoelectric voltage of the thermocouples is used as input signal...


With measuring devices for thermal analysis we pay particular attention to precision and functionality in a foundry environment. Casings for the mounting on walls are available as well as modules to be integrated and built into cabinets.


We offer you our reliable in-house calibration service for your temperature measuring instruments.  All calibrations are carried out based on current standards and in compliance with rules and regulations and are traceable to national and international normal values.



Stationary stand for the taking up of sensors for thermal analysis of molten metals in foundries and steel works. The stand with the different contact pieces allows a fast contacting and fixing of cups, which are used for thermal analysis.

temperature measuring lance

Portable immersion temperature measuring instrument for molten metals in foundries and steelworks. The temperature measuring lance allows a fast and accurate temperature measurement from 300 to 1820°C. All components have been designed to be very energy efficient.